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Welcome on YTPdb

Welcome to the novel version of the Yeast Transport Protein database (YTPdb) giving access to manual annotations on 298 yeast proteins classified as established or predicted membrane transporters (Brohée et al, 2010).

This novel version of YTPdb uses an evolution of the MediaWiki web engine used for popular collaborative databases like Wikipedia. This means that every registered user can now edit the data in a user-friendly manner. To join the YTPdb team of annotators, first take 10 sec to register by clicking on the upper right "log in / create account". Then another 10 sec to send an email to the system administrator.

You can proceed to a direct search in the database by entering a gene name or a substrate (e.g. calcium) in the Search field on the left.

To browse the database, click on the different classification criteria (on the left menu)

Enjoy YTPdb !

Sylvain Brohée & Bruno André


Some statistics about yeast transporters

This chart shows the cumulative number of transporters experimentally characterized from year to year in the yeast S. cerevisiae. The time period corresponding to the sequencing of the yeast genome was followed by a strong increase of the number of newly characterized plasma membrane transporters. We also see that the study of intracellular transporters has long been neglected and was accelerated mostly after completion of the yeast genome. During the last five years, only a few transporters have been newly characterized. Today, the biological function of 72 predicted transporters remains unknown : although the subcellular location of many of them has been determined by large-scale analysis (Huh et al. 2003), the compounds they recognize have not been identified and their roles in cell metabolism thus remain unknown.

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